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Protecting your
family's legacy

Julia Chuang, Wealth Protection Specialist for Mothers

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7 years

in the industry

506 families

and counting

For new mummies, children and parents


What I have learnt from working with 506 families:

Financial planning has to *make sense* for you.

Having worked with 506 families and counting, I saw that what works for someone else may be a complete disaster for you. Every family, parent and mummy has their own unique needs and wants.

I saw that greatest impact and protection happens when advice for your family’s wealth-planning and protection journey is personalised.


I take time to throughly understand you and your family’s unique needs, dissecting what you have done so far and clarifying things for you.


Financial planning is very much like raising a child, it is a marathon, not a sprint.


As working parents, it is almost a given that you would find yourself falling out of track of your financial plans due to other commitments. As your family's dedicated wealth planner, it is my job to nudge you and remind you of your overall goals, and ensure that you stay on track of what you want to financially achieve for your family.

On a personal note, I love children. Even though it could be taxing at times to care and educate them, I find them to be purest of souls.

I have walked with 506 families and counting and is inspired to be with you throughout you and your family's journey! <3


My services for families

Pregnancy coverage for new mums

Congratulations on becoming a new mum! Pregnancy is a time to practice healthy eating, drink plenty of fluids, and get plenty of rest. Other than mentally preparing yourself for labor, it is quintessential to be aware of the most common pregnancy complications (such as gestational diabetes) and congenital illness for babies (such as jaundice).

Baby and children funds

One of the most common question I get asked as a family specialist for financial planning: How much should I save each month for my child? My answer would be to find a systematic and sustainable way to start saving for your children to see real and significant returns when they grow up!


The only reason to have a retirement plan is to ensure you do not run out of money to spend for the years after you stop working. Retirement is more about the lifestyle you'd love to have in the last 30 years of your life. With proper planning, you can feel more assured about your ability to spend and live the way you want in your golden years. ✨

Wealth accumulation

One of my personal mission is to help people make money their servants. There's a saying that "Money is a great servant and a bad master." Savings and investments are proven methods to help anyone feel in control about their life. 💪

Protect your income

Income protection is simply an "atas" 😂 phrase to describe a sum of money that cushions you from the financial loss in the event you have to take a break or stop working due to accidents or illnesses- you can receive money to pay your bills.

Policy Review

In my 7 years of experience in this industry, it is more common than expected to be neglected by your financial agent 🙁 . If you are an "orphaned client", that means it has been a long time since your agent kept in touch with you and you are uncertain if the the plans you are current paying are still suitable for your current/next stage of life.

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