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Pre and post-natal coverage

Frequently asked questions for new mummies.

What is maternity insurance?

Right off the bat, maternity insurance does not cover normal delivery cost or hospitalisation bills (Speak to me if you like to know how to cover your normal hospitalisation bills)

Instead, maternity insurance is a term insurance designed to provide comprehensive coverage for pregnancy complications and congenital illnesses. A daily hospitalisation cash benefit may also be given when the mummy or child is hospitalised. Mummies pay a one-off premium for a three year policy term.


Why are mummies buying maternity insurance for their unborn child?

Mummies working with me find this plan very useful because it offers her a peace of mind in the event of possible pregnancy complications such as Gestational Diabetes resulting in Foetal Macrosomia and Neonatal Hypoglycaemia, Fatty Liver of Pregnancy etc. Other mummies have family history that could cause pregnancy complications therefore they appreciate the comprehensive coverage.

Other parents also bought this plan because they are concerned about their child having complications from a premature birth or requiring other hospital care. For instance, phototherapy for severe neonatal jaundice or admission into intensive care unit (ICU).

Moreover, buying insurance requires a clean bill of health. Those who have medical condition will know how much of a hassle the application process can be. Exclusion of the specified condition or outright rejections are also very much possible. So, even if the baby is born with a minor condition, it can still be difficult to purchase health or life insurance. Maternity plan brides that gap as your newborn need not be subjected to medical underwriting to get insurance coverage.


Does MediShield Life and Integrated Shield Plans already covered pregnancy complication?

It is a good thing that MediShield Life and Integrated Shield plans provides some coverage for pregnancy complications. However, they are limited to only specified pregnancy complications and it does not provide coverage for congenital illnesses.

In another words, maternity insurance is the only plan available in the market that you can buy to provide comprehensive coverage for a baby in utero up until your baby is 2 weeks old.

By apply for this plan, your newborn is also guaranteed lifelong protection as long as you bundled this plan with a life insurance or get your newborn insured under a new plan within a specific timeframe from birth.

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